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A people’s peer 2 peer political movement for real change

We live in a modern digital interconnected world but our political ‘leaders’ live and operate in a ‘mindset’ of the nineteenth century.

A peoples democracy of real value – a people’s peer 2 peer political movement is required in the wake of all the last few decades of their multifarious manipulations,  banking frauds, with cow-towing corrupt politicians who are mostly controlled by shadow manipulators: the hidden government acts for them not for us, the people.

The puppet masters of Westminster are: the banks, big corporations, mainstream media, and most certainly, the hidden operations of foreign policies and secret agencies.

Most of these agencies, corporate groups and individuals use their financial power controls to tilt everything in their favour by manipulation of lobbyists. It is also suspected that they utilise the digital social media streams to put down and ridicule opposing factors i.e. they use Internet Trolls. So they are not behind the door when it comes to using modern methods of  obfuscation. (Snowden reports this.)

We need a political movement that is operating for the people, via people’s representatives funded by the people directly; by Crowd Funding, so that committed people can be really engaged. Such elected representatives will follow  a strict code of ethics and the P2P Peoples Manifesto.

This manifesto will be drawn up over time and will be the objectives and rules of the representatives action plan.

The aim is a move towards changing things, not revolutionary, more cautiously than that.

We need an objective to change the current voting system towards adoption of a much more secure method of voting: something based upon new software methods of security and based around something like: BLOCKCHAIN voting applications.

P2P means uniting by modern methods, to come together and communicate and share common ideas and operations utilising the internet. Options for connecting within political themes that are modern, that empower each individual and cut out all the old fashioned methods of soon to be extinct corrupt politics. P2P MESH and alternative Internets within the Internet: ATLANTIC are emerging methods.

The primary objective is to focus upon what the people want, what is needed for the public good and not to be restricted by a shopping list that is too often a betrayal list, of never (in office) adhered to manifesto promises. We have had enough of them; that offer that, we won’t get fooled again.

But the only way to achieve this is to remove them. We cannot do it through dual or multiple party strategic voting, we’ve seen what happened with the Liberals joining the Conservatives (power seeking in exchange for dumping – out of office held – promises) and we will never forget the previous coneivings of governments both Labour or Tory – WILL WE? We have had enough of THEIR Establishment HAVEN’T WE?

So where to start…

The Rights of Man Thomas Paine is a good reference.

The requirement right now is to construct a Preliminary Manifesto: a constitutional documentation of the aims and changes and reasons for such.

STOP the Current way of things in which the people are POWERLESS.

Make the people POWERFULL.



Power should be decentralised and community based. Coalescing centralised power into the hands of self servicing hedonists is a mistake we seem not to have learned from history.

We want to keep the good things and correctly support them such as our NHS. We want public services focused as people centric and we don’t want creeping commercialisation and sell off’s or PPI fraud schemes. Fair taxation to fund collective social services is not a communist manifesto its common sense in a people and community based society.

Private sector entrepreneurs are to be encouraged and good competitive business is of course to be encouraged, but large corporations and big lobbyists such as BT; being reliant upon none productive and economic suppressing fees such as ‘Line Rental’ should be curtailed or such fees piped into the NHS . Yes radical, but it will make BT types become more progressive and enterprising.

Do we want to continue down the road of ‘me first’ becoming effectively isolation of the individual by consumerism running amok, ‘living to buy’ as the only financial policy, funding growth by debt?


1984 is coming – lies are truth

List of headings to address:

Funding our own community P2P MP’s

What makes them the way they are (Politicians)

Outlaw lobbying by corporations

The P2P Manifesto