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We need to know what they are up to.

There are many things we can do.

We can join in on petitions; at CHANGE.Org

Look at UK Uncut

For keeping the Internet free of controls by major Telcos and Government:


The Anti Austerity alliance

ComonDeceny UK – Good concepts many in support of Russel Brand.


The Ubuntu Party looks like the closest thing to P2P People so investigate, join, vote for them, as P2PPeaple is a concept not ready for candidate/voting in the May election:

Collapse the existing model and start a localised community model: new technologies for electricity generation –

The Ubuntu Party

Strange ideas, and even stranger philosophy of Michael Tellinger but the concepts for the community unity concept is indeed a great idea.

Is it justifiable to make the people, the voters and taxpayers pay by austerity for the misadventures of these fraudulent bankers? It a policy that is INCREDIBLE! Why are we accepting it? See The Sleeping Planet – the people are sleeping.

In the USA there is another ‘occupy movement’ OccupyPeace. US

This is a GREAT IDEA we need the same in the UK.


Other things to do:

Read this report – lots of things will change due to this movement: THE SHARING ECONOMY

We can request information from the Government and from government agencies.

We can stop buying the stuff that large companies sell if they do things contrary to the people’s objectives.


Inquiries:  lots we have had most appear to be whitewash, it took twenty five years to learn it was the police hiding facts regarding Hillsborough and so it goes on. The government introduced the Inquiries act; do you know that this allows the minister concerned to act to override any conclusions! Such things must be repealed and real inquiries adopted, especially for the farces around inquiries about child abuse, Savile and others that have yet to even start due to delaying tactics.

It may come connected to a source (David Icke) that most will not want to accept, however the messenger is not the message but the vehicle to pass on the information, staggering information from: ANDREA DAVISON.

We can harass the politicians by making requests such as this one, below; for release of information that they say they have lost. Should enough of us do this they will have to respond.




Dear House of Commons Information Department:

Under the Freedom Of Information Act
I request a copy of the ‘Missing’ Dossier
submitted to Leon Brittan from Geoffrey Dickens MP.
On the subject of a list of names of MP’s  allegedly engaging in Child Abuse.
I look forward to you investigating this matter, tracing the dossier or copies of it that must be on file, as destroying or losing such an officially submitted and documented report would be a criminal offence.
A printed copy will be acceptable. Email to the address below.
I trust to have your best endeavours in this matter.
Your sincerely
My first reply:

Freedom of Information request F15-053

Thank you for your request for information as copied below.  You asked for a copy of the missing dossier submitted to Leon Brittan from Geoffrey Dickens MP.

This information is not held by the House of Commons.  Geoffrey Dickens MP handed the dossier to the Home Secretary, who at the time was Leon Brittan.  For this reason, you may wish to consider submitting your request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to the Home Office.  Contact details can be found at:

You may, if dissatisfied with the handling of your request, complain to the House of Commons.  Alternatively, if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your request you may ask the House of Commons to conduct an internal review of any decision regarding your request. Complaints or requests for internal review should be addressed to: Information Rights and Information Security Service, Department of HR and Change, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA  Please ensure that you specify the full reasons for your complaint or internal review along with any arguments or points that you wish to make.


If you remain dissatisfied, you may appeal to the Information Commissioner at Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF,

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Price | IRISSupport Officer
Information Rights and Information Security (IRIS) Service | House of Commons

SO LETS TRY what Sarah suggested:

David Phillips

Thank you for contacting the Home Office with your request.

This has been assigned to a caseworker (case ref 34289). We will aim to send you a full response by 03/03/2015 which is twenty working days from the date we received your request.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you

FOI Requests

Home Office

Smith & Savile

Whilst waiting the Police announced they were to investigate themselves over the Cyril Smith affair: in which police officers were threatened with the Official Secrets Acts if they continued their investigations! Smith was released from custody. Everything was hushed up.

Now we have multiple cases and an official inquiry ongoing – is the plan to kick it all down the line -it took over 25 years to get at the truth of the Hillsborough football disaster!

Also we have all of this stuff going on in multiple cities in the UK Rotherham + + + plus?

High ranking MP’s. The Judiciary. The Police. On and on it goes. Who at high levels is being protected? Are there so many at it that it would crash the ‘establishment?

IT ALL STINKS. Some MP’s are trying to get at the truth like the current Rochdale MP and Tom Watson MP you would think that there would be an avalanche of MP’s wanting to be seen to assist… even the Home Secretary: Theresa May –  has tried to appoint two suspected people with close contacts to perpetrators as heading such an inquiry!

Here is an interesting book:


Maggies Hammer

What could link up secret arms deals, the secret service and sex scandals involving politicians with small boys? Hmmmm takes a while to put 2&2 together…..

And another book exposing how democracy isent working, all about pressurising politicians by lobbyists:

The Prostitute State

SO – Back to

The Westminster Paedophile Dossier @ Wikipedia

THIS IS THE HOME OFFICE REPLY – its the two step Tango of dodgery;

Basically they Don’t have it SO WHO DOES?



Here is there answer:

26 March 2015
Dear Mr Phillips,
Freedom of Information request (reference number: 34289)
Thank you for your email of 03 February 2015 in which you asked for a copy of the report submitted to Leon Brittan regarding investigations into child sexual abuse. A full copy of your request can be found in the attached Annex. Your request has been handled as a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.
I can confirm that after a thorough search of our historical records, the Home Office does not hold the information requested. Regarding your question of how the report was handled, the information is accessible to you in the findings of the Wanless Whittam Review of an internal investigation into the Home Office’s handling of material relating to child sexual abuse, published on the Home Office website. This can be found at:
If you are dissatisfied with this response you may request an independent internal review of our handling of your request by submitting a complaint within two months to the address below, quoting reference: 34289. If you ask for an internal review, it would be helpful if you could say why you are dissatisfied with the response.
Information Access Team
Home Office
Ground Floor, Seacole Building
2 Marsham Street
London SW1P 4DF
As part of any internal review the Department’s handling of your information request will be reassessed by staff who were not involved in providing you with this response. If you remain dissatisfied after this internal review, you would have a right of complaint to the Information Commissioner as established by section 50 of the Freedom of Information Act.
Yours sincerely,
Safeguarding Unit
Home Office


Cabinet chief won’t name child abuser MP!

The  Rotherham outrage and many more cities were doing the same, inept policing, public officials turning a blind eye.

Then this book which is full of mistakes and  is anti-Semitic… but shows how far this stuff goes and may be connected with Satanists: even if that’s ludicrous, if they, these abusers in high office believe in it then, its a cause for concern.

The Satanic Syndicate – a digital book by CHRIS EVERARD

Tom Driberg - LabourLord Boothby - Tory


Labour and Tory elites Driberg & Boothby named as child abusers:

DID YOU KNOW the BOSS of the M.I.5 SPY NETWORK was a member of Aleister Crowley’s elite Satanic Society called the ‘A:.A:.’? Did you know the Deputy Director of M.I.6 used a fake name “Peter Henderson” and was a member of a club trading CHILD PORNOGRAPHY? Did you know the former leader of the LABOUR PARTY was a disciple of Aleister Crowley, and was the executor of Crowley’s last will and testament? CHRIS EVERARD’S new digital book is a fully illustrated expose of the ‘SATANIC SYNDICATE in WESTMINSTER’ – it blows the lid on the Pedo Cult at the root of Government…
But I am doubtful that this Child Abuse Inquiry – that will take five years! I suspect it will be yet another cover up, remember the inquiry into the IRAQ war – six years and counting and nothing yet!
The panel and others involved get £565 a day – what a great junket for them all. On the website they ask for those knowing or suffering abuse to contact – I am now so suspect of all these agencies that are set up to investigate; ……hhhmmm maybe its so the police and secret services can shut them down? Those so abused.  Being more important for the bureaucracy the government to shut off this stuff, as its embarrassing to them as the priority and without even considering the victims. FIVE YEARS! and no powers to arrest! Is there a simultaneous link to the Police? Looks most likely that after five years, then the results will be passed on to the authorities…. another number of years…. talk about kicking this into the long grass WE SHOULD RAGE ABOUT THIS FOR THE VICTIMS.
Remember my Freedom of Information request rejection (above) they don’t assist they just give bland answers, when they could suggest or enquire with other departments. Those documents will be somewhere, but hidden and only accessible if you know EXACTLY HOW TO DESCRIBE YOUR REQUEST AND TARGET THE REAL DEPARTMENT HIDING THEM.
 Maybe those that have these lists are using them for blackmail…
On such a theme the anonymous blogger Coleman gives us much to think about. And the facts look bad that Thatchers cabinet was covering it up with secret services assistance: Dailybeast.

Wake Up: The Sleeping Planet



The Next Bank Crash


Its very possible that there will be another bank crash. It will be far worse than 2008.

The very same people and measures that brought about that first crash orchestrated the remedy. In other words we the tax payers of the nations involved bailed out the banks and set the bar for banks to be to big to fail: banks ipso-facto connived behind the scenes to control the politicians who are in the banksters pockets. Passing the cost to the people to be repaid over time plus austerity measures. These debts are astronomic and can never be paid, the antidote to the crash was to print more money and to carry on with Casino banking: derivative and hedge fund gambling and Quantitative Easing. Expanding debt everywhere with everything and everyone. Yet allowing the rich and mighty to prosper from zero interest rates for their borrowing requirements.

Fractional reserve banking – only keeping on bank deposits a tiny fraction of what a bank issues as loans, in fact they generate (electronically) the money they lend, it doesn’t exist its created out of thin air and the entire operation is a myth built on belief, hope and trust.

When the banks fail next time.

And it could happen anytime, for instance the falling oil price could initiate it as banks have loaned tons of paper cash to oil futures gamblers. Should these losses be called in a huge reciprocol bust and default could easily occur. In this mythical financial world no banker will trust another. Once the financial trust tumbles it will collaps like an over heavy mountain of sand.

The Governments have a rescue plan but can we trust them, again?


We must do as little Iceland did and let them collapse – all the banks, it will be frightening and tough. All the money you have saved and in banks will evaporate.

Its probable that behind the scenes; the USA Federal Reserve (a private not a national bank) wants this to occur!

This is because the Dollar as the world currency, has allowed the USA to run amok printing dollars and trading in currency, buying goods etc and paying loans. Those organisations and countries that hold (massive) Dollar debts will be the ones with the biggest problem, such debts after the next banking crash will be worthless. The USA however will be more than OK as its debts will be made to disappear. Resulting in the USA and we having the opportunity to start again.

Paper money will be seen to be what it is: useless. Commodities, things of value, gold and silver will be valuable.

Things you can do:  stock up on tins of baked beans.

Things to consider: Road To Roota Theory.

Politically focused Mesh Networks

With modern methods of utilising technology our communities from the grass roots can build up powerful democratic communities.

These digital communities at grass roots levels, where people’s needs are really focused, enable people to become engaged realistically in localised political  activities, fully focused and committed, with a real voice in their community and how it is run.

Such connected communities can operate to change things by following the P2P Peoples manifesto and fund collectively their own representatives, both for local office, Councillors and nationally as MP’s

P2PPeople’s elected officials will be proposed by the local community  and will adhere strictly to the policy manifesto that the P2PPeple’s movement generate. They will work for and represent the people, that’s not the way things operate currently we need to change it.

We need to take back into our own hands our political democratic freedoms; up from the baseline and not continue to be controlled downwards from a corrupting centralised oligarchy of political parties of whatever persuasion that always do the same old things.

Local and nationally focused and overarching with P2P Peple as a political movement in the national sphere we will be able to generate the real change we need.

No other political movement is focused in this way, we will build systems that integrate people with their digital connections, social media as a political movement; a very modernist and real democratic and practical way of doing things.

P2PPeople: A modern political movement integrated into today’s technology to engage the people with a real voice and a worthwhile vote.

P2PMeshed Digital Communities

Already pioneered in some places the concept of introducing localised Mesh communities has many advantages for all of us.

It holds multiple advantages: lower cost than paying ISP’s for internet connectivity, and yes there has to be some of these connections in the mesh network.

Its a great way to interconnect with a localised community – to share.

Mesh-over-roofs- Africa
Local Mesh covering a village in Africa

Any bandwidth that is not being actively used by any single connection can be shared. Importantly this isolates such usage and its interlinking of content only between those within the meshed network; its private between its connected users. Its like an internet within the internet. The more people joining the bigger it can grow, growing inside the internet!

Links to and fro with the internet are available too.

Building  a contributory P2PPeople’s Mesh in any community location has multiple benefits for that society.

Whatever the needs of a community, these can be delivered arranged and provided through such a system; the benefits are huge and the system features very positive.

For the P2P People’s concept of politics such a system can begin to address local issues and generate real political engagement.

Especially useful for engaging young people into the political arena with its connection to technology and very localised social media.

To begin and kick start, individuals should join with a fee, so that P2P in their area, in every area can be realised.

P2P People representatives will need to join.

Mesh providers need to sponsor the nucleolus activation equipment.

Yes we need such people to step up and sponsor these concepts into physical and human democratic awakenings: maybe we also need to go back to the works of Plato and Aristotle.

Mega monolithic government concepts such as the USA seek total full spectrum dominance – we need to halt such megalomania by grass roots engagement in community focused issue resolution.

A P2P People’s Manifesto


A change is needed, will you be part of this change?

Wars, terrorism, banking frauds, trade deals favouring corporations, the rich getting richer, the poor ignored, government agencies spying electronically on ALL citizens, the  underfunding of the NHS whilst printing billions for big banks, charities paying huge salaries, on and on it goes…

Much is going wrong with our’democracy’ we are sleep walking into silent acceptance of draconian laws, past without full explanation. We must be aware of history, how we humans tend to just accept things; because we feel isolated powerless and express this as: “what can I do alone” Remember the words of Pastor Martin Niemöller.

We want a modern democracy supported with a ‘secure’ none surveillanced social media technology theme in which everyone has a voice, can contribute and engage. We want none of what has gone before and exists today as political propaganda. The incumbent and aspiring politicians do and think and abide with an existing frame-work. We want to exit this vision-less and power draining centralisation and start anew. They have had long enough, made a mess, have no good ideas, seek centralised powers, and do not serve the electorate. Apart from independents they, the politicians are SELECTED not Elected we need a far better process of identifying good people.

Change is not easy. We can’t leave this to ‘natural selection’ as evolution favours the strongest; read the richest, the powerful, the existing regime; we need to act consciously. To begin to instigate change in favour of everyone not just those at the top of the pile; we need to step up – to act. We need to consciously and actively seek to divert the evolutionary path of the strong, the incumbent, and the thoughtless, towards a better goal of fairness.

Once we were Subjects, then we were Citizens, now we are only Consumers, in a world in which debt is the way to prosperity!

Fundamental changes in structure are required to clean out old bureaucratic group mind think and re-organise the basics to prevent what has been flourishing on a structure trimmed and built for enhancement of elitist power.

With a technology supporting us via a social media of connectedness we can combine our voices:

What P2P People will want is to be listed here, if it fits with you then become one of the P2P People. If you want to ad to it please inform.

For starters this first numbered section is lifted from the Ubuntu party:

The UBUNTU Philosophy – The Rights of All People

1. The country belongs to its people

2. The land belongs to the people

3. The roads and railways belong to the people

4. The water, the rivers, the lakes, and oceans belong to the people

5. The forests, the mountains, the skies above belong to the people

6. The airwaves belong to the people

7. The minerals in the ground belong to the people


Having agreed with that section listed:

In  no particular order as all these issues are required to get our nation into shape for survival and real change for the betterment of us all. These are just ideas at this stage, ideas to change things to shift democracy towards real people control over ‘their’ government.

Start a PEOPLES BANK as a government the country has allowed a baking scam to enriches those in the banking fraternity: they have fractional reserves and print money by trust. QA is turning out funds assisting Banks, corporations (share buying) and those already wealthy. This needs to be turned around; a P2P Bank can issue money too, and with full openness using the Block-chain visibility anti fraud methods and issuing UK P2P  Bitcoins.

  • We should be promoting an Anti austerity – anti Oligarchy rule.
  • STOP AUSTERITY: no more bank bail outs. Stop quantitative easing and let evolutionary forces apply to business and finance. Those that extend too far must naturally perish and not be artificially supported by austerity measures on those that can ill afford them; the ordinary tax payer. The mighty, if they take risks should be allowed to fail. A safety net for the rich is unjustifiable.
  • A better understanding of QE – Quantitative Easing – government initiating national banks to print money for purchase of government bonds (a snake eating its own tail) distributing no interest loans to big corporations and big business (not small) they do the same ‘snake – trick as above, and use the cash to invest in their own company shares pushing up the stock market, buying expensive commodities, getting richer by QE which they have just introduced in Europe. Because the USA, and UK have done this and are experiencing a recovery! – HA for the rich.

How can increasing debt reduce a deficit? Expanding the assets of the rich is paid for by taxation and reduction of facilities for the poor.

Iceland and now Greece are on a course to dump such ideas. How long before such policies of anti-austerity are classed as terrorism?

It may soon become a very different issue should the banks fail once again, if so we must be firm and not bail them out again, it will enslave us to debt for-evermore: See The Next Bank Crash.

Controls over: Corporate Lobbying – this is a corrupting force for under the table dealings.

  • All party and Government transactions must be totally transparent, and visible on the website for all to see.
  • Political parties must show all income from backers, who has supported it, and how much.
  • MP’s must by law declare full earnings whether gained from Government sources, commercial operations, or private income.

A full retrospective investigation into bank fraud is to be commissioned with those involved to be taxed in accordance with the P2P People’s ceiling levels, shamed and blamed, then forgiven.

Bankers bonuses for fraudulent actions such as rigging base rates etc (Libor and similar) will be criminalised. Casino banking will not be allowed and will be fully legislated against. Those ‘expert bankers’ derivative traders and hedge funders (fraudsters) who threaten to leave the City of London for foreign parts may do so, we don’t need them.  They will be subject to appropriate taxation before they leave.

Individuals with wealth in excess of their needs must be curtailed, who needs millions upon millions? And those that have more that ten millions will be taxed proportionately.

We are not anti wealth creation but who needs so much personal wealth? If they feel they must have more than the above a proposed ceiling they will have to contribute even more to the public purse.

Inherited wealth will be taxed at even higher rates above that ten million ceiling. We encourage business entrepreneurship, wealth creators but are not in favour of inherited none worked for wealth. It does not contribute to a nations progress, it diminishes effort and constitutes unfairness.

A citizens income to be paid to everyone, a small amount to be decided upon. So that everyone has stress reduction in the knowledge that the lowest and the slowest are part of our community.

Basic IncomeMinimum wage to be upped.

BASIC INCOME concepts adopted.


The Media: currently owned by just a few individuals – this biases news, it must be broken up.

Enable – Seek less controlled and biased news from internet etc. We must keep the internet free of government and large corporations meddling and controlling it  See FFTF – Fight For The Future (org).

Keep the Internet FREE of interference and legislation (obviously within some guidelines against some subjects/ banning etc.).

Monopolistic enterprises like Google, Facebook, Amazon should be taxed; they are reducing local jobs and paying slavish wages to people on short term contracts.see the book – The Internet Is Not The Answer.

High street stores and supermarkets employ low paid workers on minimum wages, oftenm this means a government social payout/top up so the citizens are subsidizing these firms by taxation. Worse for the likes of Amazon, Google Starbucks as they also pay no UK tax!

Then we have the roll over of staff as above classified as trainees (to keep on low wages) and sacked before having to pay the minimum wage – a constant staff churn dodge to escape real pay and NS contributions.

Then there are the apprentices – they only get half the minimum wages. OK if they are in real apprenticeships – engineering etc, but most are in shelf stacking or postal types of work where is the learning where is the apprenticeships – another con trick to dodge and lower wagers. All this has to stop.

Corporate lobbying to be banned.

Policy to support in the public interest Whistle Blowers’ government big corp etc support whistle-blowers if they are not from their own staff, this has to be curtailed and whistle-blowers encouraged.

Actions against corporations that act in total self interest i.e. non-dom directors and tax dodging: actions that we can take right now, stop buying their stuff.

Such an example: don’t buy from Boots the Chemist especially if your a Labour Party supporter after Boots boss said Labour would ruin the country and he pays no tax and lives abroad to dodge it.

Corporations,  businesses, Oil Companies etc. will not be allowed to lobby politicians without full declaration of these methods and their financing: prison awaits those that do not comply.

All international companies operating in the UK must plough back 95% (or some decent percentage that improves this country, not theirs) of all profits into infrastucture in this country, be it factories, data centres, mobile networks – whatever.

GATT and other measure for international trade for large corporations to exploit is to be stopped.

Companies like Google, Amazon, Ebay, Apple, etc who pay no local tax must do so in the countries in which they make profits/sales. They spend millions on lobbyist actions to skip such payments.

We are Anti- Globalisationists the real meaning of globalisation acts in favour of the rich and powerful corporations and nations. We all live on the same Earth.

Corporations and businesses are not to have powers of citizenship, which they virtually have in the USA and plans are afoot for this in the UK Europe.

Immigration we want it; certainly those that contribute, but also consider this:

Poor nations are to be better supported, we need to assist poor nations, to enable them, with an uplift concept. When their goods and services are really supported i.e. Fair Trade for example their economies will grow and potential mass exoduses becoming immigrants to wealthier nations can be controlled. Such a policy is in every-ones interest.

Dictators and political leaders that do not spread wealth, such as oil and mineral wealth, to their own populations will be classed as international criminals. If this interferes with their bribery income from multinationals so be it – See John Perkins: The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

Outlaw Fraking, even if economies make it uneconomical (i.e. low oil prices). The  fraking companies (Lobbying) have an ex government minister as spokesman for thier investigation ‘on behalf of the public’ to investigate the effects of fraking, what do you think the outcome will be? and how much of a fee will go to the politician? > Russel Brand

Investigate alternative energy sources vigorously. Seek options to curtail reliance on fossil fuels.

Hold a referendum on staying, leaving, changing the EU. Big none elected centralised government is bad, inefficient and a gravy train for those involved. Investigate the research projects run away funding without so far enough positive results other than massive spending. Stop, outlaw all corporate lobbying, and by the way; Stop all corporate lobbying if you did not get that!

The NHS must be supported fully, and run by doctors and nursing staff and multiple levels of management is to be removed.

Both the Conservatives (with their Liberal mates) and Labour have been running down and under financing the NHS for at least a decade. Due to USA Insurance company lobbying for the aim of reducing capability for privatisation. This must be STOPPED.

Education – we are in favour of it. Remember the traitor Nick Clegg who recruited students to vote for reducing university fees, and gained power; then stabbed them in the back with a 9k term fee. Education at all levels should be FREE for those with limited income. The young are our future, we want them educated to be the wealth and ideas creators of our future. We don’t think its good to depress them with huge debt when they leave to join the dole queues. or worse to start up some underfunded self employed enterprise or work for pittance wages. Those students from financially independent families might be asked to pay…

Housing: state to launch a huge new council homes building project. Funded by QE from Banks.

Make the bankers responsible: Iceland is the only country so far to make the bankers pay.

Taxation on second homes and much more on any more than two. Empty property tax.

Charities that have top heavy echelons of high salaried individuals will be heavily taxed.

Environmental and green issues to be sustained.

Harmful food and additives:

Ban GMO – All food items must state if any GMO products are used in manufacture, with quantities.

Labelling to be mandatory on processed foods.

  • Animals due for food consumption should be slaughtered as humanely and pain free as possible: outlaw kosher and Halal slaughtering methods.

High sugar and chemical alternatives (Fructose)  to be labelled in the manner of cigarettes. Similar for Transfats etc.

Nuclear Power – make full facts known as to operating risks, health hazards etc. Restrictions and conditions on new reactors.

Arms sales; yes these industries are employers, but we must curtail arms sales. When our politicians (even Prince Charles) complains about radicalisation and foreign wars and terrorists we must ask who sold them their weapons?

Outlaw ownership of patents on nature, plants etc, and genome’s. Okay to do such work and profit from it but not to copyright or own the actual thing itself.

Departments of public  services  of all descriptions will have their officers held personally responsible for their actions. We don’t want miss-management and favourable arrangements going  to pressure groups. Personal responsibility will curtail fraud, and senseless waste and make responsible individuals: responsible for their actions

Politicians who act without full permissions and who create expensive and ineffective inappropriate policies will become personally liable.

A committee will be appointed to oversee this policy, oversight of government activities will have experts and members of the public elected to become public observance monitors.

Civil servants currently flow through alternate administrations, how are their loyalties defined and measured for independence? In effect they are the government behind the Government: this needs a review as they too must act in line with transparent policy implementation. The head of the civil service must resign after each political term and not hold such office for two terms, to avoid nepotism.

We are fully in favour of Democracy, of wealth creation entrepreneurship, and see no reason why a rich country cannot be fully focussed upon its own health and support for its own citizens.

Citizens Rights: Universal Declaration of Human Rights fully adopted.

Military and security services to swear oath of allegiance to the people/country not to a monarchy.

NO more Honours linked to monarchy, an honour system elevates some over others, its okay if government issued, but not from a monarchy its archaic and makes people behave in subservience and keeps the order of them and us fuelled.

Abolish The House Of Lords – an elite who get there by favours (funding political parties etc). Its none democratic to have an un-elected chamber Lording it over us.

Abolish the concept of Crown Copyrights: it inhibits citizen rights. How can a monarchy own the government departments, its services and products that have been funded by public taxation? Reduce the role of the monarchy, make the wealth holding of the monarchy full visible. No Prime Minister will need to report too or be sanctioned by a monarch.

On a similar theme catalogued information about science, books, research etc paid for by the state to be free to access, not held by corporations that charge fees, e.g. see Aaron Swartz – Democratic Activist concepts.

Media: a free press and free media, but lobbying and government influencing of the media to be prohibited. Ownership monopolies  of media to be broken up.

BT control of telecoms pipes and backbones to be broken up for sale/control by other operators.

Reform of the City – e.g. preferential shares for long term share holding over short term potential leverage buy-outs of British firms (e.g. The Cadburys sell off to Kraft).

Business cartels and market monopolies to be scrutinised, broken up.

Broadband to be a national objective everywhere with full 20 G access. Scrutiny of fees. Internet access a public service right.

Build a National P2P MESH capability putting the UK in the driving seat of this new Web  application: thus giving the type of market lead that the USA had in adoption and venture capitalisation of the first internet businesses that became international monoliths. We can do that!

Paying for it

Some is self contained with those suggestions above others are:

Cancel Trident, no need for nuclear weapons, too expensive. They cannot be used as they will ruin the planet for both sides in any confrontation – consider the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster poisoning the Pacific. And in anycase they are most likely out of date, as the armament industries secret operations by now, 50 years after invention of the H Bomb; have without doubt got something even better, to kill us all with. Well if they don’t tell us their secrets and how they did financed them, well, we are not going to pay twice.

Large corporations to be taxed correctly and fairly.

International tax dodgers who benefit from local services etc and then pay minuscule wages for maximum effort are to be correctly and highly taxed: this means, off-shore folks like commodities brokers bankers, various funds, also the likes of Google, Amazon et all who are destroying local business must be forced to contribute or go elsewhere, we will take the hit and develop our own national service if they take their bat and ball away.

Incumbent businesses that have infrastructures that are paid for in eternal duplicity such as BT’s line charges (many put in at tax payers expense)are to be curtailed.  Similarly the BBC license fee is to be  phased out.

The long term unemployed must contribute, by working two days a week in social enterprises. Immigrants without work and asylum seekers will do the same.

Police and judiciary who are members of secret societies e.g. Masons are to resign membership. Justice must be seen to be clean, clear and free from any possible biases and allegiances.

Judicial and other public inquiries will become fully transparent.

The concept of hiding behind National Security on an issue by issue event will be independently scrutinised by an oversight committee. We cannot sanction hidden adventures without scrutiny.

Politicians will only serve certain agreed terms, PM and ministers cannot hold such offices for more that two terms of a parliament.

Revolving doors: politicians working for any private concern that they ever had any connection with in any way whatsoever will be banned for upto fifteen years after any type of political or civil service connection.

Over-claiming of expenses by public officials will be an automatic two year imprisonment term and life ban from public office.

Foreign policy: Wars, we don’t want any. Politicians that lead us into conflicts later to be found to be for the wrong reasons will be criminalised. In fact we will pursue those that already have.

Locality – Locally community focused is the concept of P2P People, Not a London centric government. Utilising web-mesh technologies local people will engage locally. Nets will spread and interlink nationally.

We Don’t trust the CON – servatives, The Lay – Bores, the Liberal-liars, the fascist You-Kips, nor the naive Greens.

The Greens Manifesto is the nearest to the concepts we have but they are willing to continue with the same concepts of them ruling us. They want to curtail abuse in many things but with the banksters;  they just want a share of the action:  a tax on their activities, we want it banned.

Politicians: why we cannot trust them

Here are two reasons why these people should never be trusted, they hide behind the fact that they may not break the law but they certainly break the code of trust with the voters:

Rifkin & Straw - P2P People
Rifkind and Straw – labour or Conservative – all the same types.

ITV Dispatches – Politicians for hire: they have no morales, Straw was an anti nuclear campaigner but rejected his principles when in office and became a war monger with his mate Tony Blair. Also in Blackburn – Straws  constituency, rumours of election fraud.

Basically you only need to look generally at all politicians past record: that should be enough for us to reject them, but lets look more deeply:

They are sick.

Not all but the most of them are attracted by power: power over others, this is a psychological aberration, a sort of sickness. Such people serve to embellish themselves.

If we do nothing about them, then they will most likely make us all sick.

They have the egomania to propose themselves for high office over us.  When all the converging reports about human psychology point out that such people should be the very last to be selected for leadership. Many ‘leaders’ too are very often promoted well above their level of competence, and then when reaching such levels, group think kicks in with subordinates becoming submissive and acquiescing to the power authority in the projects, concepts ideas etc., that they come forth with – often inevitably resulting (ultimately) in failure.

Look at this here is Russell Brand encapsulating  some reasons why we cannot have any trust in them: The British Establishment.

We need to recognise that we wont get the changes we seek until we learn that it is they these people who elect to be in charge are in fact the worse ones for the job.

Big centralised government is bad for the citizenry – it attracts those that seek power over others, that’s not a community focused attribute. They are supposed to represent the community of us. But its all too apparent that they represent themselves and their benefactors – lobbyists and other power seekers they either envie or serve. A drive to seek power, an overdeveloped drive to ‘represent’ others should be seen for what it is – a psychiatric illness. Such people (politicians) most of them, feel they are better and have the right to rule less worthies, that’s us. It must gall them to have to adopt a façade of belief in democratic voting to show their faked sincerity for ‘democratic’ ethics – they have no ethics; as with a little watchful observance and reading you can see their falsity. Their ethic switching to suit their upward rise or their wealth or their notoriety as they crave attention, every which way.

All of us human beings are subjected to various cravings and mental attitudes, most of us want to just live and let live and value family and community. Recent human brain research tells us that many of our ideas about ourselves is incorrect. We are often ruled by internal  subconscious needs. With some of us these urges, controllable by most of us, can manifest in outrageous need for power, exorbitant wealth and control of others to assert to themselves that they are real. That their achievements thus manifested for all to see make them important. I am powerful, therefore I AM.

This is Neanderthal thinking. We don’t need a big strong bully leader to bash others on our behalf; which is where these attention seeker’s  gene and environmental traits come from. Their mental drives are a throwback to ancient days of tribal leaders, when a psychotic  psychopath, might have been needed for protection. These days such types hide in full view with more modernised deceiving conniving socio-path behaviour.

Some of what I say may be shocking but after years of observation, and concern these are the only sensible conclusions for describing our political leaders that make sense.

We need real change. Doing nothing or continuing in the same old way will not help but only hinder any required change from developing and it starts at the grass roots with with us all.

Recent council and EU elections in 2014 have shown that messages are being signalled by the public that they are not happy with any of the mainstream political parties. Thus a vote for more extreme parties i.e. UKIP is from exasperation with the status quo of choosing between two of the worst practitioners of the same old same old. Greens and Scottish Nationalists just ad to the upsurge for a radical change.

We must wake up to the fact that our leaders are considerably disconnected from us, and I say that they suffer a sickness; one of a need for attention, power over others and a total lack of empathy and connection with the rest of us; they are driven by personality greed. Greed for self aggrandisement, ego boosting, monetary gain and just a wish to lord it over us. Many are good at hiding this, that’s how they climb up. Successful con-men and women are very often very nice.

They say they serve us the public and that they are called to public service as if it were a devotional attribute!

They say – our political representatives – that old adage, again and again, desperate for us to believe it and if they can fake this and fake sincerity they think it will get them by, their mantra: “it’s a privilege and an honour to serve”.

We are beginning at last to see through such verbal easy to roll off the slippery tongues of the political classes. They hope we understand this sort of statement of them being put in power to serve us the people, when in fact it is a callous lie easily dripped from their sugary tongs with the real meaning to serve only in reality primarily themselves. They believe intensely acutely that they are superior to ‘ordinary’ people.

Remote and disconnected they always manage to do well whilst the lower reaches of the population do not.

No matter which or what party: they are all the same.

I say that these people who gravitate to power are a devolution with a line of human character traits, that are not evolving but going back to the Neanderthal. I mean this without wishing to give those ancient folks a stigma and simply using the concept as a mnemonic to describe something that has or will be soon or is in the process of becoming extinct. We have to make it so by ridding ourselves of their powers over us and vote for better representatives.

Human history is repleat with kings, war mongers and groups who all wanted power and dominion over others, because a strong leader in dangerous times and locations was a necessity: the powerful the strong could beat off the others and give some form of protection. But we are no longer living in such an age.

The Naked Ape by Desmond Morris  shows that much of this automatic hereditary response behaviour is pre-programmed into the human mind. And A Mind Of Its Own by Cordellia Fine is a more recent documentation of our psychology of behaviour. And I believe that politicians have the worst aspects of such conditions.

Such characteristics that current politicians exhibit in fact acts against survival in our emerging modern age of changing technologies,  forces of man-made and natural disasters. Of reckless run away banking,  the mountainous riches of the few, the greed is good attitudes, me for myself and I. Whilst the poor and the weak are forced by authoritarian impositions that it is they that suffer austerity for the frauds of rich bankers. And the politicians protect them, I wonder why? They have shown that they are inadequate masters of a ship that may be sailing close to the rocks.

Pride and self importance are all attributes of the  greedy and I want to be the boss types, these powers will not serve us well in solving the problems we face: they are not clever enough. Blinded by their own self centred selfish me first look at me aren’t I important  attitude. When what we need is a collective intelligent approach to problems that one single or group of autocrats are incapable of doing.

We need representatives that don’t want to represent anyone. We need people who will have to serve on correct principles because they know they have to in an action to rid us of those types we have now.

These people will want to adhere to the principles of P2P People and will exit after a length of service, not becoming a lifetimes career as is the aim with the current lot.

Now lets consider that the political elite need to make us are frightened of external or internal threats; terrorism etc do you remember the reasons to go to war in Iraq? Blair said that Saddam could attack Cyrus in 40 minutes: One great big lie. Is misleading the nation into War a crime?

However these big lies they tell us are told to them by  their controllers, to tell us: they the billionaires with their lobbyists own them, the politicians: see George Carlin on this – They Own You.

Signs of a Psychopath

See our pal Russel on Cameron and ISIS.

And a book:

How We Became The American Zombies: Max Meeks.

Just as applicable for British and European Zombies.


We Need Change

We need change.

We need better more conscious decisions in fairness and in the interest of the many not the few.

Have you noticed how politicians when out of office or electioneering propose changes to the operating status quo or to introduce new ideas and when they get into office they do nothing or the very opposite?

When this happens often and its happened so often; you would think that people would notice and be aware of this very common continuing theme.

There is one section of the community that are aware of this and its because they have been mistreated and had promises broken for centuries: first the America indigenous native Indians, then the black slaves and right up to today’s black communities in America and of course in other world states too.

Black people know about the promises that don’t materialise. The Native Indians, the Palestinians… and the disenfranchised in our country who know their vote is a waste of time as they feel they have as single individuals, no voice. We propose that single voice collectively with others can combine into a really effective and very modern new political movement

When Obama was first electioneering for the presidency in the USA his theme was CHANGE. Have the American people noticed any?

He used Sam Cooke’s song “A Change Is Gonna Come” as a campaign theme. But had to withdraw it as the Cooke family objected: what did they know about Obama? You would think that a Black president would be a person that all black people would unite behind.

Sam Cooke:  A CHANGE IS GONNA COME  – 1963

And another artist who was certainly in the know of how things operate was Oscar Brown Jr :  FORTY ACRES AND A MULE  –  from Mr. Brown Goes to Washington Album in 1965.

Nothing has changed: in the United States of Unconsciousness.

And its just the same in Great Britain. Everywhere.

Some new types of protest songs are emerging like 1960’s folk music (Dylan etc) and Civil Rights music – “We Shall Overcome”.
Today its beginning again with new types of emergent Rappers and Hip Hop artists; not rapping about murder, sex or violence nor promoting wealth, gold chains and big cars, opulent ‘ cribs’ and desire for possessions, but about other more real issues, here’s one:

A modern protest song:

Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy –

Television The Drug Of The Nation

Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy - Telivision The Drug Of The Nation

What do you talk about with family and friends?

TV shows, places you went too, meals in restaurants, what you bought at the shops, cinema, sports, what you and other family members and friends are into, and then spread this stuff to social media. Me, me, me chattering about my favourite subject: ME.

Have you ever considered that that ‘ME’ has been orchestrated to be what it is?

All the media pushes at us ideas and concepts that we all then discus, go too or buy and all these major media streams are owned by just a few corporations.

Well you get the picture by now of what this website is about; its about seeing or beginning to see that we are controlled externally by conditioning: to what we should be, what things to have, what to buy etc. And we are bombarded with noise, TV, radio, internet, – there is always distraction, many people have to have this background noise, TV, radio, music playing in the background even if they are not listening: so many people cannot take SILENCE.

Go and see the film INSIDE OUT (yes its for kids) its about how our emotions control us, and within it are some hints about how advertising places unwanted jingles into our minds – you take it from here…