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Common Decency: a movement for political change


CommonDecency is not a political party its a movement for change. Its motivation and aims are admirable. They suggest focusing in on choosing a good candidate whatever the party, unlike the none voting stance of Russell Brand‘s movement, which in many cases Common Decency is in line with. The initiative was started by Brian May; the astronomer and Queen lead guitarist, and all power to his elbow for doing this.

But here comes the big BUT.

BAD GOVERNMENT is certainly what we have and it will continue whilst those that are governed are themselves; selfish, indifferent and uninformed. This will remain so as long as the people remain blind to the fact that they get what they themselves give. Things will only change when a majority of the people refuse to continue to countenance the party and politician who ‘appeals to them’  for what they know to be wrong, even when such promises made appears to be to their own personal advantage. If it injures others in any way: it is wrong.

Politicians often offer the promise of bribes; the tax cuts, the favouring of segments of the community over others and false promises they have no intention of keeping once in office. This is so because those that do seek such positions are mostly, immoral, selfish, ignorant and hypocritical, and in so being are just a reflection of the population of voters, but with a more distilled emphasis, as they also seek self aggrandisement as well.

So, the political party in itself is a collective of these types of people. Therefore the party concept is an enemy to democracy as it divides the people, encourages them, the people to divide against each other, thus prevents the formation of a strong and united government to act for and service all of the people of the nation.

Until we collectively recognise our own failings we will always be victims of the people we elect. Their meal ticket is obtained by fooling us. The fool who cannot see his own reflection remains blind.

It is we that need to see this and do something about it in ourselves first.