Things to do right now

WISE UP – the mainstream news media is under the control of a few individuals and also the ditums of government policy. The BBC news is mostly anything but real news, its opinionated and slanted. WISE UP seek alternative news for balance, get informed.

For example watch AMY.

Join the Labour Party! – YES!  and vote for Jeremy Corbin – it costs £3 to become a member then you can vote for the election of a new leader: Mr Corbin is the closest to the ideals of P2P. Anything that disrupts the two party political entrenchment can’t be all bad.

And anything that upsets past leaders like Blair has to be good: what do they fear?

Just keeping to the centre ground the place of the Conservatives and Liberals is no choice whatsoever. The resounding result of the SNP in Scotland shows that left leaning policy can re-emerge.

Download and read this book: The freedom line – its FREE

Towards the end of national government towards locally focused government and abolishing the political power games of war, greed and self aggrandisement of current types of political representatives.

If enough people join in a campaign even against the toughest and most financially influential we can win. The precedence is set by winning the keep the internet neutral campaign WE WON against all odds. But sadly only for a while as they re-grouped and got it past.

SO: What about boycotting income and other tax payments to the government until they force payments by corporations and other e.g. HSBC tax dodgers

Jail them etc – See Emma Thompson

Change things. Change by connecting up with others iof a like mind over the internet. Logo

We Are Change.

Google is watching You logging everything, they even got people to pay to send them thuier DNA wich collected togethe Google sold on to drug companies scoring by a huge payment.

We cant trust google to archieve our information: See This


TOR Project anonimity on – line:

Totally secure Encryption:


Self sufficiency

Grow your own food vegetables – FOOD RISING

Hydroponic mini grow boxes, better more nourishing food.