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Following on from the campaign fronted by Aaron Swartz, we still need to stop those that want to control…the internet… US.

We’ve got chills as we write to you about this: we are on the brink of scoring the biggest victory in modern memory for the public and the Internet against some of the fiercest lobbies in the world.

The FCC Chairman just proposed rules for net neutrality, which will get voted on February 26th — they plan on reclassifying Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, all telecom as a… Title II. Common. Carrier… meaning we keep the Internet equal for all.

Dollar for dollar, this is the biggest win against entrenched corruption and million dollar lobbyists in recent memory. No matter what happens next, this is a watershed moment for free speech.

We can celebrate soon, but first we have to finish the fight. Will you chip in?

But, it’s also true we still have three weeks to go before these rules get voted on. Almost anything can happen in that time, and the details of the rules matter so much. We know our opponents in the Cable industry will use their exclusive access to the FCC and Congress to add loopholes and attack the process. This is our last moment to blow this fight out of the water and make it crystal clear that we will not let ANY loophole or monopoly behavior gut this historic win we’ve fought so hard for. 

Can you make an emergency donation to help ramp up a bring-it-home, all-hands-on-deck campaign to protect free speech for decades?

There’s no doubt this is the moment we’ve all been fighting for. The FCC vote for net neutrality — the most important vote of the FCC’s entire history — was a year in the making (and a decade of groundwork) and the result of coming together around smart, strategic mobilization at the FCC, the halls of Congress, across the political spectrum and around the world.

But, the Cable lobby knows exactly what they’re going to do about it and they are unrolling their plans as we speak. We don’t know all the details, but we know they are putting everything they’ve got into the next three weeks to mobilize the TV networks they own, the million dollar political lists they’ve bought, and the politicians they gave campaign contributions to (especially the ones who are already pushing a bill that could derail the vote).

It will all come down to February 26th, when the FCC votes on their rules. We know we can beat them, but on that day we’ll either have done everything we needed to do to win real net neutrality or we’ll lose it for a long time.

So, it’s up to us to decide if we close the deal. And, we have only have three weeks to get your support and do it.

First, we’re going to generate a massive avalanche of public opposition to Cable’s plans by creatively distributing a ticking vote-countdown clock all across the web on thousands of websites and social media accounts. We’ll generate such a determined outpouring of support for real net neutrality rules that we’ll resoundingly save the open Internet and make it so politically toxic for any member of Congress and any FCC commissioner to be on the wrong side of history.

We moved mountains to get here. A year ago when net neutrality rules were struck down in court, Title II was off the table. We bravely came out for it when it was scary and built campaigns so the support would spread. No one expected us to set up camp outside the FCC offices for 10 days. And, when we created the Internet Slowdown protest and made the spinning wheel of death the iconic emblem of Cable’s plans, and with our partners, helped drive a historic 4 million comments, we created the turning point for net neutrality that changed everything.

While millions of dollars and a host of lobbyists are a stone’s throw away from every Congressional office and FCC staffer, we defied all odds and are winning, not on their terms of corruption and DC lobbying, but on our own — the public banding together. Our fingerprints are all over these rules. We know exactly how to finish the job.

Are we ready to make the FCC vote on net neutrality the biggest moment for you, me, and everyone else? Oh yes.

All those sleepless nights. All that wrist pain. The rain and the cold streets. All of that has been worth it. And it’s going to be worth going through it all again over the next three weeks.

It’s been an overwhelming years worth of work. But we’re not going to let up now.  We’ve come so far. Not long ago most people didn’t have a clue what net neutrality even was. Now, we’re mobilized and ready. Can you make a donation to help finish the job and save the free and open Internet?


Kevin here from Fight for the Future. Thank you so much for your donation! Fight for the Future would be nothing without the people who back us up with their voices and their dollars. Your donation supports our education and campaign work, including salaries for activists, developers and artists; collaboration software so we can work productively together (we’re 100% telecommute); and technology to run the campaign sites and tools that empower Internet advocates to take action.

Since we started in 2011, we won groundbreaking battles against SOPA, CISPA, mass surveillance and net neutrality, and today the challenges and opportunities are even greater. With your support, we’re working to protect free speech and basic rights from arbitrary censorship and throttling, and promote freedom of expression online, for everyone.

In case you haven’t seen it, I thought you might appreciate this general update on what we’ve been up to the past few years:

Thanks again for your contribution. We hope you stay involved and in touch – we want to hear your ideas, suggestions, news, and celebrations. That’s what we’re fighting for – to keep the Internet a place where people can connect freely and communicate about things that matter to them.

-Kevin and the team at Fight for the Future


This is absolutely wonderful.

The FCC just… voted… to pass… strong… net neutrality rules. The rules Comcast tried *everything* to stop. Reflect on this, for a moment:

President Obama had dragged his feet for years. We still won.

He appointed a former cable lobbyist to run the FCC. We still won.

We went up against the most powerful lobby in America. We still won.

They bought broad support from both parties in Congress. We still won.

The list continues below, for posterity, but you get the idea: We had to clear every hurdle. All the cable lobby had to do was stop us once. And yet… we still won. 

But this victory is *not* safe yet. One word: Congress.

We are about to enter the fight of our lives in Congress. We *need* individual donations right now, to hold this win at the FCC. Can you donate?

Comcast’s last hope is to turn this victory for the Internet into a partisan fight. And half of Congress is running with it, pushing fake net-neutrality laws with intentional loopholes. If one of these bills passes, that destroys today’s win. 

This movement has ever had a win this big, so we have never before stood in the crosshairs of such a formidable opponent. We need whatever support you can give us. $5, $10, $50, $500 – give what you can.

Lastly, Fight for the Future didn’t “do” this. People like you did. The millions of Americans who commented to the FCC, who called them at their desks, who spread the word to their friends, who even, sometimes, came out in the streets with a cold winter on the way– *they* did this.

We just worked like crazy to make sure that all that amazing energy, dedication and outrage went to the right places–at just the right moments–to force people in power to do the right thing. Organizing: online, and off. That’s what we do.

Being able to focus on organizing massive campaigns (like Battle for the Net and the Internet Slowdown) day in and day out means we can do things nobody else can, and bring the Internet to victories that were never before possible. That’s why we’re here, and we’re good at it, but man have we got a tough road ahead.

You should be *immensely* proud of the win we just accomplished, together. If you can, give us the resources we need to defend it.

And thanks, sincerely, for everything *all of you* have done so far. It’s crazy what we can get done together, isn’t it?


Holmes, Tiffiniy, Evan, Laila, Vasjen, Jeff, Chris, Jessica, Charlie  – the whole FFTF team + extended family.

P.S. If you can’t donate, or if you already have, spend some time sending to friends with emails, texts, and direct FB messages. We made some special changes to mark the occasion – and gear up for battle!

P.P.S. The list of hurdles continues, as promised…

Two of the 5 votes at the FCC (O’Rielly and Pai) were completely in Comcast’s hands. We still won. 

Comcast owns NBC, CNBC and MSNBC and was shameless about using their networks for propaganda. We still won.

At Comcast CEO David Cohen’s house President Obama once joked – “I have been here so much the only thing I haven’t done in this house is have Seder dinner.” We still won.

To build Democrat opposition to net neutrality, the cable lobby used strategic donations to get the Boys & Girls Club and even the NAACP on their side. We still won.

The cable lobby spent millions on cleverly misleading emails to *paid* email lists to get a deluge of anti-net neutrality comments from regular people who thought they were opposing a “government takeover”. We still won.

They even got to Glenn Beck. (Glenn Beck! How could you betray us?!?! Just kidding). We still won.

Donate? Thanks!

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BUT DID WE WIN – NO ITS BEEN VOTED IN and this means in the USA closure very soon of lots of WEBSITES. Many already are harrassed like this one on UTUBE

Pee Kay all about the fake Boston Bombing: