The Sleeping Planet

WE, The Sheeple - The Sleeping PlanetIts not a conspiracy theory to understand that human nature is primed for some individuals to seek power, domination and control over others. This is not just a manifestation of the way that politicians operate. See P2P Politicians.

Are we short-sighted, blind, or asleep, or simply apathetic?

Eyes wide-shut. The Lotus Eaters.

Anything that comes about creating change, is soon absorbed by those that control, the money people, the legislators, those that fear their power diminished by any real democracy and fair shares for fellow human beings. These folks don’t think that way; they want it all.

Banks and giant corporations, ruthless capitalists or controlling economic left wingers all are power seekers. Emergent markets that become monopolies (internet) tax dodgers , on it has gone throughout human history. Once we had monarchies to rule over us (still do in the UK) today its corporations, and individuals of enormous wealth like Mr G Soros and others, who pull the strings of the puppet politicians: Lobbying = bribery. Even the so called ‘democratic’ EU was set up by corporations behind the scenes and BANKS greased the tracks ( see  The Brussels Business documentary) .

And now we have the Internet, coalescing into gigantic monopolistic mono-culture-corporations controlling and dominating market segments and closing competition off; losing thousands of jobs and paying little in local taxation in the process.

No governments have moved against any of this. No governments have thrown the bankers in jail, nor taxed the taxation dodgers. Those who ruined Western economies, the bankers, then got us the tax payers to save them and their rich pals from paying the cost of financial gambling. Politicians dodge the issues; “this law, this claus etc., makes it difficult to pin them down” etc. This means laws like that must be changed; responsibility must carry a penalty. If an individual in such an organisation cannot be proved to be a criminal, then the top people in that organisation should carry the can and be made to be responsible. The Buck stops nowhere with these guys.

I believe we are going to have big trouble in the not to distant future. We are buying goods made in China. Cheap. Same thing with goods and services from the no overheads internet methods and organisations. What do you think will happen in China when they automate, mechanise, robotise all manner of production? Maybe when we all get 3D printers and make our own stuff and cut out centralised manufacturing and postal delivery charges – this is beginning:  we have digital books, music, films, soon it will be shoes, teapots, bicycles and so on.

Well, the Chinese will have a massive redundant workforce.

We have to wake up: this is happening here in Europe and the USA.

Monopolistic corporations are closing down work opportunities and centralising their power. Soon a great mass of people will become redundant or working two jobs for measly pay, at McDonalds, Starbucks, supermarkets… and now I’m struggling to find any more large employers to add. You see what I am saying don’t you? Of course the politicians will be claiming, that you can see the beginnings of it right now. No not what I’m saying; this is what they are and will increasingly be saying:They say we are coming out of the recession. Telling us to look at the unemployment figures reducing. Yes, but these jobs are all short term – low pay, the economy is switching to a service industry slave class. And they – the slaves US, are asleep hypnotised by TV, drinking poisonous sodas (aspartame) and growing fat on ready meals and pizzas; we are ” comfortably numb” (Pink Floyd).


I don’t know what the answer is, but there is no answer unless we all wake up and think about this. First we must become aware of the situation. We are being slowly, sleepily being boiled like the: how to boil a frog story.

We must change governments as suggested in ideas or similar to P2P. We need a much more locally focused community and a caring society. Our country should be operated in favour of its people, all of the people; for what other reason do we organise together for?

We have power, still, for a few more years: stop watching TV especially adverts. Stop buying their stuff: those that are the controlling mega corporations, wean yourself off Google, Amazon, Facebook etc

In the Book series DUNE by Frank Herbert. They had similar problems with total automation. The machines, computers did everything and took over. In those books they had to have a revolution; The Butlerian Jihad it was called, after which people had to become more mentally capable and aware and have no reliance on computers.

That’s extreme, but our entire planet is sleep walking toward the forthcoming changes. Those gathering monopolistic power are few, we are many let’s wake up and begin to make some changes in favour of the majority not the few.

On Comedian Jolyon Rubinstein has started a series of programmes on BBC3 TV  AN IDIOTS GUIDE TO POLITICS with many of the issues P2P People are also pointing out. Often poking fun at serious issues gets the message across: type this into YouTube: the revolution will be televised.

The signs are there:

The film; The Hunger Games

The militarising of the police – they are expecting crowd trouble.

Monopolising of the Internet, and here is a good book on that subject:

The Internet Is Not The answer

The Internet Is Not The Answer 

Of course it can be bought at low cost from Amazon.

And see this Amazon The Everything Store

The Sleeping Planer