Ideas for Substantial Change: Push Back

 Push BackChanging AffiliatesChanging CorporatesChanging back the change!

We can change and re-structure the way many things are which act against the general interest and only assist elite, rich and powerful groups.

We can change the dominance of major corporate methodologies operating on the internet and also correct the displayed power of centralised corporate power. We can stop buying their stuff, certainly we should stop buying and collectively boycott suppliers that infringe human rights, fairness, health issues; such as food suppliers that lie about food additives that harm health. That said there are important areas in which we can change things back or for the better.

Internet corporations have built huge dominating retail structures that have changed the way we do things.

The Internet Is Not The answer

This book: The Internet Is Not the Answer identifies the need for the changes outlined here. Affiliates and Associates programmes on Amazon allow products to be recommended by registered Amazon subscribers. If you link to a product for sale on Amazon you will be paid a fee if there is a resulting purchase. Don’t get too excited, its very very small.

Amazon have now obtained a vast empire of dominating control over a huge amount of digitised retailing; utilising the internet. At the same time they have destryed large and small book retailers and local book shops and thier employees jobs. It gets worse. They have reduced authors, the folks who write the books, incomes and forced them to have to spend time self publisising to get readers to thier book sites on Amazon leading traffic into the maw of this all engulthing black hole of low overhead operations, yes there distribution complexes emply staff (slaves on low pay hourley contracts) and pay nothing in lovcal or bnational taxation. And still its worse than all that. They have exopanded to do to all maner of business suppliers what they did to authors and book publishers. They are continuing to expand thier sales of all things, first CD’s and DVD’s now becoming even cheaper digital sdownloads.  into all things that you can think of from TV sets to sweeping brushes with long handles: all and everything!

This will all result in centralised retailing power that has never been seen before. All contributing suppliers are/will be reduced to subserviant suppliers at low profits margins.

And all the folks that write up product descrotions and recomendations in the hope of garneruing an income or just anything from thier work tio be a descriptive alfiliate or associate are working to enhance the monolith.


And even after all that they sell at the lowest prices outcompeting thus suptressing (killing off) all competitors. Killing off all the jobs that those businesses provided.

Now I don;t think that Jeff Bezos Amazons founder plabnned all of this when he began things in his garage, and saw an oportunity to outwite the slow moving and dominant and arrogant publishing companies with thier own cartel controlling book distribution and sales. Its now going out of control. Snowballing down hill.

So her is how to change it.

First the providers of products need to get the message that if they don’t act to change things they will eventualy perish unless they are very well established. Each strand of product will only have room in this environment for one single winning item, eventualy as the Amazon process rubs out any alternatives, if your not the big supplier in anuy iven area then the writing is on the wall for you, its just a metter of time, when.

Its in the interest of product and service suppliers to encourage and provide an affiliates & associates system to encourage such writers on thier blogs and social media and websites etc to have a small credit for sales, just like Amazon

Make it a very simple operation, a common button to link up with a software App that introduces very simply the product, its adress url etc tiying it altogether easily with the authors product description report and recommendations, importantlt doing this by a direct channel cutting out Amazion.

Amazon has achieved its dominace by becoming a virtual (digital) none physical location within which potential purchasers go to seek a product. Its a virtual supermarket. The producers and suppliers locate ther whares digiral inside the wharjouse (the website) then brosers come and shop. Amazon are only providing a location. in the process they are able to sucjk in a vast array of participants and due to the size of it oferr huge discounts (these may not last forever once the Mono-culture is totaly dominant)

Now the internet is not just a sigle oportunistic platform, the Amazion model is entierly destryed by businesses conbnecting directly to customers.

I tried to do this concept with authors who get a raw deal from Amazon, and they supplied the goods, initially they wetre the reason for Amazons own business model. Amazon has since expanded the concept to everything – to divide and conquer as they discovered with autorsd the writers and providers of Amazons first product line. That they all act as individuals, thats their blind spot.

I wrote a Book (The Book-Kit) about this outlining the issues as above and encouraging authors to act collectively and individually buy publishing thier own books and supplying them direct to reader. But that book was mostly ignored.

Dont let what happened with book writers and thier publishers happen in every market sector.

It only takes a little effort to get shoppers to go directlt to purchase with simple internet methods cutting out the middle man operatives Amazon and others.

A sensible government would back and fund such a a collective enterprise, amazon etc suck the value out from localities, provide few low paid jobs, pay no taxation and take profits away to another country.


Ohers operate such programmes through bank etc


Google/ Yahoo listen in, copy, store and forward all our  activity to third parties selling it to advertisers, other corporations, and to government, and secret intelligence agencies. Apparently for our own protection from terrorist. Terrorists that kill just a few innocents now and again, whilst road accidents, drug companies, car exhaust fumes for example kill thousands annually. The government spend billions on saving the first few and nothing on the rest, because corporations pay, lobbying for no action.



GMail  – change to another yes it too will be listened in, by you know who but at least changing signifies a need for change and privacy:  get a free email from or


Postal / collecting point deliveries

drone deliveries and 3D printers  are science fiction right now but when they do arrive its goodbye post office and other delivery contractors and all their employees jobs.

When full factory production utilising future 3d printing on a major scale begins its goodbye to manufacturing jobs too…. a not too distant dystopian future. When the rich and powerful have automated systems for production and supply of all there needs, will they need us? see The film the Hunger games!


Major Supermarkets

Supermarkets and other huge central direct to the public warehosing suppliers

Postal / collecting point deliveries


Telcos bla bla control access to the internet financial gatekeepers.

Answer WiFi Community Mesh systems P2P

PDWeb tried…. now this


The Media

News/ Online Newspapers

The Banks – a peoples bank see Ubuntu

Also the idea for free electricity


Vote for alternative parties, vot strategicaly vote for radical change – P2PPeople – Ubuntu