May 2015 – That was the election that was

Dave Cameron WINS
Securing a better future for the FEW

First past the post may have been fair in the past when people were more trusting of leaders and government. These days we have smartened up. Its becoming fully obvious that the election statistics for representation does not fit the population statistics. Does not serve those that voted in millions for minor parties.

May’s general election confounded the opinion pollsters; who predicted a result to close to call.  But we got the conservatives, with their big budget advertising spend, nasty tactics and mainstream media bias (newspapers).

The party with the most influential friends in high places and with the most advertising spend wins, so we might as well look at the parties bank account and award the election to the highest.

Only the SNP in Scotland, who dislodge almost entirely the lack lustre Labour party, showed that upheavals can happen in politics. In effect the SNP are as a result the real opposition in the UK and they are so disgusted with Tory rule that they want to leave the United Kingdom.

Tory’s = rule: but they and their funders and supporters are in fact the few: those who also happen to be the richest and the most influential who want ever more centralisation. So its back to serfdom for the majority. The none voting ‘silent majority’ that didn’t vote, those in their millions that did, but for minor parties; these voices, these opinions are silenced. STATS of the Election.

The deal is that we have to let them get on with their ways and means and directions, until five years have past for another majority voting option.

With an ever increasing majority who are waking up to the deeds of political leaders and the directions they take or are leaned upon to take, the corruption almost everywhere and no one gets blamed, the sex scandals, the banking scandals; these are all contributing to a critical mass of disturbed and powerless, eyes wide opened citizens.

Our leaders let all of this happen.

So we need to act continuously to counter such lopsided leadership.

We need a constant democracy watch. Not every five years – we need democracy every day… constant public opinion referenda by very secure digital means. We need a push for open and direct and continuous democracy, localisation of power, not top down centralised control.

We no longer live in the old days and we don’t need the old ways; we need change and the change ought to reflect the age we live in.

We have constant instant collective access using the internet to do almost anything. We use these technologies for instant interactions. Many old ways of doing things have been surpassed using modern technology.

These methods can and should now be focussed upon democratic and political operations, giving communities and individuals constant access for overseeing government.

We need proportional representation.

We need digital elections and continuous digital (over the internet) referenda and opinion guidance for government steerage. And we don’t need American Diebold machines to do it!


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