Politicians: why we cannot trust them

Here are two reasons why these people should never be trusted, they hide behind the fact that they may not break the law but they certainly break the code of trust with the voters:

Rifkin & Straw - P2P People
Rifkind and Straw – labour or Conservative – all the same types.

ITV Dispatches – Politicians for hire: they have no morales, Straw was an anti nuclear campaigner but rejected his principles when in office and became a war monger with his mate Tony Blair. Also in Blackburn – Straws  constituency, rumours of election fraud.

Basically you only need to look generally at all politicians past record: that should be enough for us to reject them, but lets look more deeply:

They are sick.

Not all but the most of them are attracted by power: power over others, this is a psychological aberration, a sort of sickness. Such people serve to embellish themselves.

If we do nothing about them, then they will most likely make us all sick.

They have the egomania to propose themselves for high office over us.  When all the converging reports about human psychology point out that such people should be the very last to be selected for leadership. Many ‘leaders’ too are very often promoted well above their level of competence, and then when reaching such levels, group think kicks in with subordinates becoming submissive and acquiescing to the power authority in the projects, concepts ideas etc., that they come forth with – often inevitably resulting (ultimately) in failure.

Look at this here is Russell Brand encapsulating  some reasons why we cannot have any trust in them: The British Establishment.

We need to recognise that we wont get the changes we seek until we learn that it is they these people who elect to be in charge are in fact the worse ones for the job.

Big centralised government is bad for the citizenry – it attracts those that seek power over others, that’s not a community focused attribute. They are supposed to represent the community of us. But its all too apparent that they represent themselves and their benefactors – lobbyists and other power seekers they either envie or serve. A drive to seek power, an overdeveloped drive to ‘represent’ others should be seen for what it is – a psychiatric illness. Such people (politicians) most of them, feel they are better and have the right to rule less worthies, that’s us. It must gall them to have to adopt a façade of belief in democratic voting to show their faked sincerity for ‘democratic’ ethics – they have no ethics; as with a little watchful observance and reading you can see their falsity. Their ethic switching to suit their upward rise or their wealth or their notoriety as they crave attention, every which way.

All of us human beings are subjected to various cravings and mental attitudes, most of us want to just live and let live and value family and community. Recent human brain research tells us that many of our ideas about ourselves is incorrect. We are often ruled by internal  subconscious needs. With some of us these urges, controllable by most of us, can manifest in outrageous need for power, exorbitant wealth and control of others to assert to themselves that they are real. That their achievements thus manifested for all to see make them important. I am powerful, therefore I AM.

This is Neanderthal thinking. We don’t need a big strong bully leader to bash others on our behalf; which is where these attention seeker’s  gene and environmental traits come from. Their mental drives are a throwback to ancient days of tribal leaders, when a psychotic  psychopath, might have been needed for protection. These days such types hide in full view with more modernised deceiving conniving socio-path behaviour.

Some of what I say may be shocking but after years of observation, and concern these are the only sensible conclusions for describing our political leaders that make sense.

We need real change. Doing nothing or continuing in the same old way will not help but only hinder any required change from developing and it starts at the grass roots with with us all.

Recent council and EU elections in 2014 have shown that messages are being signalled by the public that they are not happy with any of the mainstream political parties. Thus a vote for more extreme parties i.e. UKIP is from exasperation with the status quo of choosing between two of the worst practitioners of the same old same old. Greens and Scottish Nationalists just ad to the upsurge for a radical change.

We must wake up to the fact that our leaders are considerably disconnected from us, and I say that they suffer a sickness; one of a need for attention, power over others and a total lack of empathy and connection with the rest of us; they are driven by personality greed. Greed for self aggrandisement, ego boosting, monetary gain and just a wish to lord it over us. Many are good at hiding this, that’s how they climb up. Successful con-men and women are very often very nice.

They say they serve us the public and that they are called to public service as if it were a devotional attribute!

They say – our political representatives – that old adage, again and again, desperate for us to believe it and if they can fake this and fake sincerity they think it will get them by, their mantra: “it’s a privilege and an honour to serve”.

We are beginning at last to see through such verbal easy to roll off the slippery tongues of the political classes. They hope we understand this sort of statement of them being put in power to serve us the people, when in fact it is a callous lie easily dripped from their sugary tongs with the real meaning to serve only in reality primarily themselves. They believe intensely acutely that they are superior to ‘ordinary’ people.

Remote and disconnected they always manage to do well whilst the lower reaches of the population do not.

No matter which or what party: they are all the same.

I say that these people who gravitate to power are a devolution with a line of human character traits, that are not evolving but going back to the Neanderthal. I mean this without wishing to give those ancient folks a stigma and simply using the concept as a mnemonic to describe something that has or will be soon or is in the process of becoming extinct. We have to make it so by ridding ourselves of their powers over us and vote for better representatives.

Human history is repleat with kings, war mongers and groups who all wanted power and dominion over others, because a strong leader in dangerous times and locations was a necessity: the powerful the strong could beat off the others and give some form of protection. But we are no longer living in such an age.

The Naked Ape by Desmond Morris  shows that much of this automatic hereditary response behaviour is pre-programmed into the human mind. And A Mind Of Its Own by Cordellia Fine is a more recent documentation of our psychology of behaviour. And I believe that politicians have the worst aspects of such conditions.

Such characteristics that current politicians exhibit in fact acts against survival in our emerging modern age of changing technologies,  forces of man-made and natural disasters. Of reckless run away banking,  the mountainous riches of the few, the greed is good attitudes, me for myself and I. Whilst the poor and the weak are forced by authoritarian impositions that it is they that suffer austerity for the frauds of rich bankers. And the politicians protect them, I wonder why? They have shown that they are inadequate masters of a ship that may be sailing close to the rocks.

Pride and self importance are all attributes of the  greedy and I want to be the boss types, these powers will not serve us well in solving the problems we face: they are not clever enough. Blinded by their own self centred selfish me first look at me aren’t I important  attitude. When what we need is a collective intelligent approach to problems that one single or group of autocrats are incapable of doing.

We need representatives that don’t want to represent anyone. We need people who will have to serve on correct principles because they know they have to in an action to rid us of those types we have now.

These people will want to adhere to the principles of P2P People and will exit after a length of service, not becoming a lifetimes career as is the aim with the current lot.

Now lets consider that the political elite need to make us are frightened of external or internal threats; terrorism etc do you remember the reasons to go to war in Iraq? Blair said that Saddam could attack Cyrus in 40 minutes: One great big lie. Is misleading the nation into War a crime?

However these big lies they tell us are told to them by  their controllers, to tell us: they the billionaires with their lobbyists own them, the politicians: see George Carlin on this – They Own You.

Signs of a Psychopath

See our pal Russel on Cameron and ISIS.

And a book:

How We Became The American Zombies: Max Meeks.

Just as applicable for British and European Zombies.