Recognition is not a problem solved: will the sheep look up?

The-Sheep-Look-Up -P2P-Peaple
Will The Sheep Look Up?

First is to recognise and identify the problem.

Then to seek and apply corrective measures.

This is what underlies the P2P entire concept.

A problem recognised is not a problem solved, but it is the first step.

Ignorance of it, dim awareness of it, or thinking “its not my problem”, or “I know it but I am one single person how can I change anything”; these are the attributes associated with any issue. First we have information, then often apathy as we see things happening, or established, and believe we cannot change a thing.

When we awake to see and realise where the current circumstances and situations are leading us too, its our duty to awake others.

Our society has all the attributes of becoming submerged in pessimism; about everything, we know its bad but cant fix it, who am I to try to fix things, I’ll go back to sleep and if we all do that what do you think will happen?

Once such things operated somewhat differently. One example: workers situations, factory workers were experiencing unfair conditions and wages, so they got together and brought forward ideas such as collective bargaining. Unions today have little power, times have changed and moved on. The Labour party was formed to give the labour force, the common people a political voice as the rich already had theirs. The Labour party has sold out its principles we have seen that after several terms in office. Today the attitude of employers is different, often moved by the concept of fairness and public opinion; the concept of the general population’s understandings of how things should be on any given issue: politicians are fearful of this.

Today our world is changing rapidly. The consequences playing out from events, situations, conditions and particularly monopolistic practices by huge international corporations are of particular concern. Companies operate for profit, that’s ok we know that businesses create the wealth of the nation.

However big influential corporations often influence beyond, over and in-spite of the rights of citizens. Corporations in the USA have rights as if they were indeed citizens. (what USA does today UK usually follows). They have power and the cash to oil the wheels of influence.

Corporations are interested in increasing their own power and profitability; they become sharks, eating up or suppressing their competitors, reducing overheads, wages, taxation and will move to the cheapest labour market nations for production.

It would seem that we are powerless in the face of such things.

Or are we?  Isn’t it we that buy their stuff?

When we recognise something going awry, do we sit there and say its someone else’s problem? or do we combine to stop or reduce its effects?

Our politicians who are in the pockets of many who are running amok changing our world are hardly going to do anything, unless we collectively move public opinion, whilst at the same time taking what action we can against corporations and public sector miscreants.

We have methods of combating the changes emerging around us, our lives, our families, our communities, our nation, our world.

When we can recognise a situation and where it is leading, there are, for a time, corrective measures we can use. First is recognition, next is gathering information about it and about corrective measures; then action is required.

There are many areas and subjects for action.

The initial P2P Peoples Manifesto is not a document of revolution, it is a list of fundamental core issues that are identified for change. Addressing such issues by requiring our representatives to take them up, or better still replacing them with our own, is the journey ahead. The outline manifesto is not fixed and is therefore descriptive and for debate. For additions. We need to take control of our country and re-focus things correctly – with care. These issues identified are the information, corrective action upon such issues and the methods to achieve it are the next steps:

Centralised monopolies, of commence, media and government act against even handed fairness.

Corporate Social Responsibility: those that don’t comply can be affected by campaigns

TTIP: Corporations threaten sovereignty. The real meaning of Globalisation.

Petro companies, major corporations, armament suppliers, major telcos etc all lobby politicians for favours. In the UK rich individuals do this for Honours (from Royalty) and placements as Lords (Lording it over us) as none elected members of an elitist second legislative chamber! And on top they dodge contributing and hide funds from legitimate contributions to the entire community Tax Dodgers all – well most – HSBC tax dodgers v Immigrants

Don’t Buy their stuff; boycott them and they will change.

Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy - Telivision The Drug Of The Nation

Don’t watch their TV ads. Be selective of what you watch. Check out alternative news to that pumped out by mainstream media: owned or controlled by just a few. TV and Newspapers are not impartial, you don’t think their owners views don’t dominate opinion do you?  Join citizen pressure groups.  Organise for Change.

Its one rule for the rich, its always been so; but now we can change things collectively getting connected – using technology – the Internet for positive good. Not for promotion of retailing or showing off.

The importance of the internet for real democracy:

Focus the internet to us rather than through them – an article by Tim Berners Lee about focusing the internet at around people not co-opted around gatekeeper corporations like Facebook etc.

FACEBOOK is watching you
Watching listening to You

Don’t Use FACEBOOK Don’t use:  Google,  Yahoo , Skype & Microsoft. We’ve been informed by Edward Snowden that all these outfits have been co-opted to spy on us! SEEK ALTERNATIVES – Support smaller localised providers.

Keep the internet open and free of overarching government/ large corporations/telco controls: Save the Internet campaign.

Set up your own home webpage, that’s what we did before Facebook came along, its easy to do use WordPress its Free easy and a really great idea.

If big Brother is watching as Snowden told us then show them in your actions that you want change by doing something; numbers count.

Here are outline ideas for substantial change:  P2P CHANGE


A Change Is Gonna’ Come – Sam Cooke –  Otis Reading

People we admire – Dr Martin Luther King