Displacement, disruption, change, and the centralisation power game.

society -hierachy - before the internet
Ancient hierarchy meets the new Boss same as…

For the first time in our human history we have a technology that has potential to really unit and engage us, giving each of us a real voice in the way things can be done in the interests of all people across this planet.

For most of our history we have not been able to communicate with others outside of a small area and range; today we have the potential to reach almost everyone using the internet. But its only a potential for real change and real interconnected good if it is used by an aware and enlightened and less self interested group of people. It can be an instrument for real grass roots participation in the advancement of human activities. However, that ideal looks to much to hope for, due to the fact of how we can now appreciate how it is predominantly and currently operating.

We have not foreseen the disruption in business methods and working practices that the internet possibilities are eating away at. These are mostly due to the unforeseen consequence’s of rapid change and imbalance, often caused by the unintentional but clever methods of a few enterprising individuals. Its been impossible to predict the eventual outcomes of what seems a great idea at the time, only resulting in upheaval, change and great wealth to those who mine out such opportunities.

Now, with emergent examples, should we choose to really look, we can perceive that the cycle of change we are going through left as it is will re-set the old ways within the new, with the same old results of centralised power by using tools (the internet) that can set us free, yet becoming once again inbuilt into a centralised power organism. The template of the modus-operandi of those within human society that have the ‘gene’ for power, dominance and out of kilter self esteem is being overlaid onto internet methods. We are the fools that let them.

the fool of the internetWe have given away our powers to others, because that’s our mindset. That’s how its always been, that’s our mental framework conditioning. Those who know this or learn it quickly rise to the top, because the same old results that always worked in all situations previously, can operate for them, again. These power central operations are ‘old’ world and old methods of self imposed inside the box thinking, yet adhered too by the majority of people, they don’t believe ‘they’ as individuals can change or become a player within a participatory more fairly shared world.

So they turn inwards. To self absorption.  We are all engaged in our own small view of the me. me, me and me way of living. It suits very well those in our world who have drives towards dominance, centralisation of power and as a result  the gain of disproportionate wealth.

We can break out from such situations, but first we have to be subjected to them to realise them, to observe how they operate, that’s how we can see things for what they are and wake up.

Its Full of Trivia
Its full of Trivia

Unfortunately the majority of our fellow humans are obsessed with themselves, their wish for more stuff, more than others and the wishful-thinking of gaining fame and fortune. Those that rise above this often the con-men know these human characteristics and manipulate us, letting us self indulge whilst they reap the cash and the centralised power rewards. Throughout human history this has been so, in politics, commerce, business, for the famous and the rich. With the rest of us being ‘their’ money and power production force. We were isolated in the past, but not now. Not now with the internet. But what have we used it for: for entertainment, for self promotion telling others of our daily activities and for useless chit chat and for buying more but cheaper stuff. We are using the greatest interconnection power tool ever invented for enslaving ourselves inside the same old methods.

This is because of many factors; because its always been so, that those in control do the controlling and get the centralisation of power and wealth, whilst the trinkets of self absorption are thrown to us for self entertainment. The Romans did the same thing with ‘Free’ bread and circuses.

Soon, very soon it will become plain to see that automation of everything, production, delivery and consumption, will become so disruptive that only low paid slavish manual labour with its low pay rewards will be the only pay for the majority. Take heed. The Chinese are set to reduce their workfore with automation, 3D printers and Robotics.

But take heart, the good things are there to, but drowned out by the noise of the trivia we engage in.

First we need a detour to fully appreciate the ups and the downs of the disruption, so far, caused by some observable methods produced from utilising the internet to displace and then control business, commerce under the guise of being really useful.

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