LItany-Against-Fear - DUNEThey Fear Us.

They Fear FEAR.

I am talking about our political leaders, I’m talking about the huge corporations that control and ever increasingly seek more and more power and suppression of competition.

Fear is the key to understanding their real motivations.

These are human mental conditions of the cave-man attitude. Its primitive neolithic thinking. As put forward in the previous outline: Examples of Disruption our world is changing rapidly. Its moving from the Information Age, through to the fuller impact of digital automation. This Digital Automation Age will drastically change the landscape of activities and employment.

Change often brings fear. The wish to keep things as they are or were is an example of fear. Fear of losing control, fear of reduced power, fear of being found out that you passed your level of competence quite some time ago. Fear of loss, fear of being exposed, fear of looking foolish, fear of failure, on and on these fears go.

The fact is that most of those that reach and gain power and control are just as fearful as the rest of us, probably far more so. They are subjected to very focused fears. Under such mental distress such an instinct driven mindset strikes out to protect itself. Often such actions are ill thought out because they are made in reaction to an emotion; fear. Fear is the mind killer as it makes us act stupidly. Fear stops correct objective thinking and is replaced by less visionary solutions.

I am guessing that the political think tanks and organisations such as the WTO, The World Bank, the Builderburgers and others have realised the changes on the horizon due to the disruptions in the world and national economies due to the fuller onset of the(DAA) Digital Automation Age. And the big corporation control the politicians by fears and threats and lobbying to get and keep their own dominance.

We are heading for considerable change. The changes may case social unrest as the dislocated jobless grow more and more dissatisfied. When its fully realised that the low wage, low skilled work available is really enslavement but with benefits; befits of entertainment keeping us occupied.


SOMA was the drug to dull the minds of the population in the dystopian novel by Aldous Huxley – Brave New World. We have Prozac and TV shows, sports, entertainment and deflection tactics to keep us engaged in not thinking about serious issues. In that book the government sought to reduce the potential of too many people to handle, if things got out of control, by not only controlling everything in the lives of the people but also their deaths at the age of 29 to cull the population to controllable levels.

Have you wondered why the Snowden revelations show that they, those in power; our governments are watching everything we do on-line? And increasingly with CCTV and even computer vidioCams and new TV sets having the capability for two way viewing!

The enemy of the state are its people, because those in power are driven by fear. Fear of their own position, loss of their job and they fear the voting public. They may, those at the top and in the know have already made contingency plans, instead of thinking outside the box seeking alternatives and fairness for all. They may be contingency planning out of fear.

Have you noticed especially in the USA the arming of the police like the military?

What will happen in China when its economy, based on cheap labour and low cost production; is evolved into robotic automated 3d printer production lines. A replacement for even low paid employees as none required, in the plan for ever reducing overheads.

None lethal crowd control systems are deployed Stateside, and military exercises are taking place in cities and urban areas. They train in situations where they expect these to be the location of the real thing.

The eliminate of vast amounts of employment and the reduction of income in a streamlined retailing economy of the very near future is the result of what is happening right now in the DAA unfolding activities.

We don’ need to be Luddite’s, we need to embrace the new internet methods: but SELECTIVELY, more consciously.

People wake up when tragedy or unfairness enters their personal lives and they campaign for change. Like a dangerous road or a drunk driver killing children resulting in speed restrictions. Wouldn’t it be far better to awake to such facts before the event affects them and make changes in advance of a predicted adverse effect before it collides with them?

Lets not forget that all of the behemoths of internet dominance are providing all our on-line details directly to the security services – NSA / GCHQ and they use this for what? Saving us from terrorism, or is it another fear factor. Do they fear us so much that they need to know everything about us all so that they can have information that can be manipulated for controls? I think so.

We all have fears, fear of losing our jobs, not being able to pay bills fears about many things, that’s how we are also controlled we must face our fears too. They the politicians and other chiefs and bosses and mega rich people mostly fall into the category of a Psychopath/Socio-path Signs of a Psychopath. Most of the rest of us don’t. But we fear the void of new ideas the concept of removing them is also a fear: we must face our fears.

Its not too late.  NEXT:  Some Options to Change the adversities of Change  >  coming soon

But for now consider this:

Vote sensibly for truth candidates: Common Sensibility.

Drop out of Facebook.

Switch off the TV or be at least more selective.

Don’t use Google, use StartPage.

Create a Home Page and dump Facebook.

Better Leadership –  leadership training not ‘paint balling’

The interview with Kingsley Dennis gives you an outline of what he does.